Wars Of The Roses

Wars of the Roses LIVE!

This Summer, feel the ROAR of the crowd as these perilous stunt riders and fearless jousters get your heart GALLOPING throughout this unmissable LIVE show. WARNING: This show contains jaw-dropping skill and state of the art special effects.


  • Daily shows from 23rd July until 4th September 2022.
  • For showtimes please see information boards when you arrive at Warwick Castle. 

Prepare to saddle up!

  • The past, it’s time to feel it, be a part of it! Witness the iconic history of the Wars of the Roses come to life before your eyes.
  • Now you can experience the story in live-action and witness spectacular stunts, tricks and showmanship with even more special effects. Featuring ferocious horseback battles, astounding stunt riding, swashbuckling sword fighting and epic storytelling!

More information:

  • It’s 1455 and the House of Lancaster holds the English throne. Will you side with the House of York and the White Rose? Or do you fall under the House of Lancaster and the Red Rose?

  • Hear the CLASH of swords of our trained swordsman, and FEEL the sand as it bounces off the arena floor from galloping stunt riders who expect your loudest ROARS!

  • Showtimes and more up to date information can be found on the below link.