Midsummer Carnival

This solstice, the past is back, like you’ve never seen it before. Warwick Castle presents the ultimate Tudor carnival celebration.

Prepare for a carnival of celebration! We are going back in time, where Queens ruled, minstrels played and jesters entertained. Get your heart GALLOPING during perilous stunts and exciting trick riding, and meet famous people from history including Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare! Plus, you’ll want to stay the full day so you don’t miss out on both opening and closing ceremonies!


  • 11th June - 10th July 2022

What's included:

  • An unforgettable overnight stay within the castle grounds

  • One-day Warwick Castle entry tickets

  • Discounted second-day entry tickets 

  • Additional themed evening entertainment

  • Complimentary continental breakfast

  • Unlimited WiFi

  • Car parking

This is a celebration fit for a Queen, with a festival atmosphere twist! To find out more, please visit our Midsummer Carnival information page. 

Midsummer Carnival information