Dragon Slayer

Sit tight as we present the iconic legend, Guy of Warwick, in the critically acclaimed all-action theatrical performance of adrenaline rushing, heart racing action.  

Experience an unforgettable evening of captivating storytelling, fearless fighting, majestic horses & thrilling battles. Feel the heat of the fire cascade off the castle walls as the story of a legend is unleashed in an epic projection mapping and pyro techniques display, all ending in a breath-taking fireworks finale. 


  • 12th and 13th August 2022
  • 15th - 21st August 2022

What can I look forward to?

Brand new courtyard location:

  • Feel closer to the action than ever before. Set within the shadows of the courtyard castle walls, the purpose built all seated arena will encapsulate you into a 360° theatrical spectacular.

Exhilarating battles and special effects:

  • Get ready to feel the ground shake as horses charge, legends rule and thrilling action breaks out before your very eyes. Returning this year with perilous stunts and thrilling battles.

Epic storytelling:

  • Follow the Legendary Guy of Warwick, son of the Earl of Warwick, returning to the towers of Warwick once again on his journey to win the heart of the beautiful Princess Felice in a heroic story of true love.

Spectacular Projection:

  • Accompanied with a dazzling projection mapping display of mythical monsters and crumbling castle walls, and behold our breath-taking fireworks finale, illuminating the skies of Warwick with colour.

Immersive theatrical performance:

  • Uncover the forgotten tale of a legend and discover the true story of Guy of Warwick and Princess Felice, told through captivating live performances. Then sit back and hold tight as the returning, ferocious dragons shake the castle walls for the ultimate finale battle.